Makeup Tips For Green Eyes & Make It Stand Out

Makeup tips for green eyes looking beautiful on their own just like celebrities Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde. Green eyes can range in hues of light-green that looks nearly grayish to dark-emerald shades.

You’ll want to flaunt your green eyes if you have them because green eyes are inherited by less people than blue or brown eyes.

All shades of black and brown works well as makeup tip for green eyes, as well as the shade colors of charcoals, dark gray, purple, pink, mauve and plum.

Avoid any bright or electric shades of green because this will give an artificial and unnatural look against the true color of your green eyes.

But other shades of green color will work on the green eyes. Colors of lavender, mocha and warm apricot is the best suited shades to enhance further your green eyes.

For mascara choose black, brownish black or forest green. And as for your eyeliner, you may pick colors of navy blue, black, shades of plum, charcoal, golden or dark browns, or shades of deep purple.